Four Things Driving Hispanic GOP Support

Hispanic support for the GOP is increasing. Our policy paper explains why.

Arithmos Analytics

7/18/2022 2 min read

Hispanics are voting for the Republican Party in increasing numbers. The primary reason is simple. Hispanics are disproportionately located in states and economic activities that have been unusually badly hit by the Biden Administration’s economic mismanagement. This has created very real and urgent harm to Hispanic families, businesses and voters

The analysis conducted in our survey looked at the economic pressures the Hispanic community has faced under the Biden Administration with a view to identifying to what extent this may be driving increased Hispanic opposition to the Democrats. This included research on issues as diverse and detailed as gas prices, inflation, Hispanic employment patterns and the impact of COVID-19 on the Hispanic community. The results were as follows;

1) Inflation is highest in states with the highest percentage of Hispanics The ten states with the highest percentage of Hispanics in the population have an inflation rate 0.8% higher than the ten states with the lowest percentage of Hispanics in the population. In terms of annualized household costs, this costs households $7,553 in the most heavily Hispanic states. This figure is $1,237 per year more than the annualized cost of inflation in the least Hispanic states.

2) Gas prices are significantly higher in states with the highest percentage of Hispanics The ten states with the highest percentage of Hispanics in the price of gas per gallon is $5.03 compared to $4.72 in the ten states with the lowest Hispanic population. This constitutes a gas price of 31 cents per gallon more in the states with the highest percentage of Hispanics than the ten states with the lowest percentage.

3) Hispanic are strongly represented in industries such as construction which have been very badly hit Hispanics are 18% of the US workforce but 30% of construction industry workers. In some sections of the construction industry, Hispanics hold more than 50% of jobs. Producer Price Inflation in commodities as varied as plywood, asphalt, metals and paints has ranged as high as 127%. This has hit Hispanics construction workers hard. COVID-19 had a particularly negative impact on industries Hispanics are overrepresented in

4) The COVID-19 pandemic imposed significant costs and lockdown measures. These measures were disproportionately felt in the restaurant and hospitality sector, a sector where Hispanics are represented in higher percentages than their shares of the general population. Hispanic female-owned businesses were nearly twice as likely to closedown due to COVID-19 than Hispanic male-owned businesses.

You can download the full policy paper at the following link.