About Us

Arithmos Analytics equips you with everything you need to succeed. We are passionate about helping candidates and groups. We are immigrant founded and led and are deeply passionate about preserving and strengthening America. We believe in honesty, integrity and quality.

Our founder spent 13 years as a senior analyst, and was part of the highly successful Brexit campaign and also worked on four British elections and three European elections. In each occasion, the vote and number of elected officials increased. This experience in multiple elections across multiple countries is hard to beat. This skill and insight is now in America.

We have access to many large databases and can build up the most detailed and accurate picture of the political and economic environment. Additionally we can prepare detailed and insightful reports on any area of politics, policy or international relations. Finally we can advise you on the skills you need to get the winning edge in tight races.

We are confident that your passion coupled with our experience and expertise can give you the decisive edge.